1th Step – Photon Counting CT: the potential of spectra in healthcare and industry.

Photon Counting CT: the potential of spectra in healthcare.

The first date of the online course “DUAL ENERGY & PHOTON COUNTING: the potential of spectra in health and industry” is approaching.

On Thursday 12 May 2022 at 17.00, the first experiences in the field of Photon Counting (PC) will be shown, thanks to the intervention of Ronal Booji, PhD Radiographer and user of one of the first installed CTs in the world equipped with Photon Counting technique. This is the NAEOTOM Alpha CT from Siemens Healthineers, installed at the Esramus MC hospital in Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

For the occasion, Siemens Healthineers has also been invited to speak about the genesis of the Dual Energy technology and the development of Photon Counting, through Stefan Ulzheimer, Director Adavanced CT Products.

Next, Spectral Imaging CT will be presented by fellow Radiographer Fabio Mattiussi, who will show us his experience with the first CT equipped with a nanoparticle detector, presented by Philips in 2018. 

But one question remains… What is the cost-benefit ratio in the purchase of a latest-generation method? Daniele Di Feo, Director of Health Professions, will attempt to explain it to us.

Photon Counting CT in the non-healthcare industry

In the era of non-destructive material evaluation, technological advancement has led companies in the metalworking industry to introduce computer tomography technology as a matter of course. 

Mattia Ferrari, Industrial Tomography Technician and member of our Scientific Committee, will show us some facets of CT applications in the non-health field.

Click here to access a short interview with him to understand what an Industrial Tomography Technician is (Italian language, members-only access).

L’evento si concluderà con un intervento dedicato alle acquisizioni Spectral Imagin / Photon Counting mediante detettori predisposti la vendita come device dedicati per l’industria: https://advacam.com/advapix

In each of the two webinar sessions dedicated to Photon Counting and Spectral Imaging, there will be a final question and answer session to try and answer any doubts or curiosities you may have about the topics covered.

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